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Commercial Transactions

Your time is valuable and you need to work with a company who can take the lead on your real estate transactions so you can concentrate on the big picture.

We excel at title insurance policies for commercial transactions – That means we can anticipate your needs on each transaction and help you avoid unnecessary delays, expenses and problems at closing. We are committed to reducing your overall transaction costs and will be your advocates throughout the process. You can also rest assured that we’ll take the time to make sure you are provided with coverage that matches the needs of each of your transactions.

Wide breadth of experience – We’ve already handled extremely complex commercial transactions nationwide and closed billions of dollars in commercial real estate transactions. Whether your project is local, multi-site or multi-state, we know how to handle your complex transactions.

Local market expertise – Every state is different with its own unique flavor, and that’s reflected in real estate transactions. Our staff is well-versed in the intricacies and hurdles presented in our primary markets – New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio – which means you don’t get clogged down in local issues.

Access to advanced technology – We use the latest technology to produce work efficiently and accurately, but we provide our clients with information in whatever format they are most comfortable with – low-tech or high-tech.